20 August 2014

Name Your Favourite...

Hey Guys,

So I thought I'd come away from the beauty posts and do this 'Name Your Favourite' post. I thought this was a good way for all of my readers to get to know me better and in general know all of my favourite things! There are exactly 55 questions I've chosen that were appropriate to answer so this should be quite interesting as I have a lot of favourite things so be prepared for a lot of favourites.

So here we go!

  1. Place
    I'd say my favourite place is Bluewater at the moment. It has a large variety of shops I love there like Forever 21 and it also has the Disney Store!

  2. Person
    My favourite person would have to be Tyler Oakley. His YouTube videos never fail to make me laugh.

  3. Color
    I'd have to go with pastel pink.

  4. Food
    Is this question even allowed? There's so much to choose from! I'll have to say pasta!

  5. Smell
    It's a smell I don't smell often which makes it even better because when I smell it I love it even more. The smell of freshly baked bread.

  6. Book
    This is quite a tough one but I'll have to say The Fault In Our Stars, followed by Looking For Alaska.

  7. Movie

  8. Music artist
    I listen to a lot of cover music on YouTube, so in this case I'm going to say Tiffany Alvord

  9. Genre of music
    I'll listen to pretty much anything, as long as there a good beat and the lyrics are beautifully written.

  10. Genre of literature
    I struggle on this one, I like a bit of everything!

  11. Magazine
    Fashion magazines mostly

  12. Texture
    You know those dressing gowns that are just unbelievably soft? That!

  13. Time of day
    Around 8pm

  14. Day of the week

  15. Tumblr
    This is a hard one because I've seen so many beautiful tumblrs!

  16. Thing to do when bored
    This could vary into anything from playing guitar, painting my nails in one colour or doing nail art and also planning other stuff for my blog.

  17. Celebrity
    I don't actually have one!

  18. Class in school
    I only do hairdressing at college. But I did like English.

  19. Website other than Tumblr
    I like to use Twitter. You can follow me here

  20. Drink
    I'm actually going to say Summer Fruits juice. It's just so tasteful

  21. Precious stone
    I don't have one of these

  22. Animal
    I was thinking this the other day, it's cross between a cat and a duck

  23. Flower
    Do hydrangea count as a flower? I was told it was a bush. But yeah hydrangea!

  24. Time in history
    I struggled with this question

  25. Font
    I like to keep it simple, readable but still be cute!

  26. Video game
    Cel Damage Overdrive

  27. TV show
    Chicago Fire, I'm currently watching Chicago P.D

  28. Play
    Romeo and Juliet is pretty cute

  29. Sound
    Acoustic Guitar

  30. Fruit
    My favourite fruit would have to be a watermelon! Especially in the summer

  31. Vegetable
    Cucumber, they're just so juicy

  32. Store/shop
    Definitely Forever 21! No matter what, if I go in there I will never fail to come out the shop with nothing brought. I always end up finding something.

  33. Article of clothing you own
    My Floral printed Joggers from Miss Selfridge which you can find here! They are so unbelievably comfy and by far my favourite piece of clothing I own.

  34. Fashion/style
    Cute, sometimes a little bit of grunge is added

  35. Pattern
    Pastel polka dots is always cute

  36. Workout
    I like to work on my abs a lot

  37. Quote
    'I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly...then all at once' 
    Yes it's from The Fault In Our Stars, but it literally was a breath taking quote, like it just touched me and it's beautiful.

  38. Boy’s name
    I've always been sorted on Joshuar

  39. Girl’s name
    Louella! But maybe Elsa

  40. Potato chip flavor
    I'm definitely a BBQ Beef person!

  41. Meal of the day
    A nice lunch somewhere

  42. Ice cream flavor
    I really love the Italian choclate ice cream. But sometimes I love vanilla or chocolate ice cream covered in hazel nuts!

  43. Soda
    Diet Coke

  44. Popcorn flavor
    I don't really eat popcorn for one reason being I don't like eating in a film where I'm munching and I can't hear what they are saying. Does anyone else think this? It just annoys me

  45. Season
    I love the Autumn, it's so colourful and beautiful and you get to wear snuggly jumpers

  46. Month of the year
    I do like October and November! Both being Autumn months as well!

  47. Word
    I don't think I've even had a favourite word before?

  48. Disney princess
    Rapunzel from Tangled. Such a clever film put together and made me giggle a lot!

  49. Letter
    L. I don't know, it's just the way you say it!

  50. YouTube channel
    There's quite a few but if I put them in categories of 
    Music: TiffanyAlvord 
    Beauty: Stilababe09 and Bubzbeauty
    Vlogger: Bubzvlogz and TylerOakley

  51. Eye color
    I love blue eyes especially when they are proper blue! Just look how beautiful they look!

  52. Memory
    My favourite memory was the day when I actually met Tiffany Alvord. A day that I thought would never possibly happen but one day it actually did. Dreams really do come true. Just believe them.

  53. Restaurant
    I do like eating at Byrons

  54. Thing to learn about
    I love to learn about new things whether its a new nail art design or a cute DIY for room decor! I'm always being creative

  55. Thing about yourself 
    Being creative with pretty much everything I do
I hope you enjoyed reading what a few of my favourite things are. I struggled with most of the questions, I thought it was going to be easy but as soon as I read the question my mind went completely blank of the subject! But I tried my best. If you give this a go then comment below, I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are! 

I'll see you in my next post! 

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  1. This is a really cool tag and a great way to get to know other bloggers! Nice answers and good post :)



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