31 August 2014

August Favourites 2014

Hey Guys, 

It's September tomorrow?! Where has the time gone. I posted my first post in September and I can't believe it's been a year since that post! But now I can't wait to go a lot of Autumn related posts this year. As it's the last day of August today I thought I'd share with you the products and other things I've been using this month. 

So to get started here are all of my favourites of this month:

I'll start off with this shower gel. I now officially have a loyalty card which makes life a whole lot easier. So in the early summer The Body Shop released the Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel. And I love it! If you love the smell of raspberries then this is definitely something you ought to buy! I got this for £4.00. I didn't use the loyalty card unfortunately for this one. 

The next thing I loved using this month was the Good Things Total Wipe Out cleansing wipes. with superfruit extracts Raspberry and Cranberry. So another Raspberry scented product! I've been using these wipes for a long period of time and never really included them in on of my monthly favourite posts. These wipes are so soft on the face and actually feels like they are taking my make up off. I've stopped using the baby wipes that I previously used before. These wipes are 100% the wipes I will use all the time. I got these in Boots for £3.49

 So I'm a little crazy with the Good Things Collection. They recently brought out a new collection involving Honey and I couldn't wait to try it. I got the Manuka Honey Refining Facial Scrub at Boots for £4.99. The fact that it also has oatmeal in it makes it a whole lot better as oatmeal really softens the skin and is really good to cleanse your skin with it. I use this a lot of times after showers.

 Another product that Good Things released is the Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask. I love facial masks and I've used their Break Out Gel Mask and also their Five Minute Facial Mask. So I do love a bit of pampering with their facial masks! I love the fact that it really soothes the skin as well. I try and use this once a week, preferably on a sunday! Or if not longer as my face will sometimes not need a facial mask. I got this also at Boots for £5.99.
So to also add to the collection I also got the Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser. I've used the Good Things Miracle Mattifier as well as the Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser so I was really excited to try the Manuka Honey one! My first thoughts when I applied it to my face was that it felt so soft and really felt like it was moisturising my skin. I took this with me on holiday to Italy as I thought it was a good idea so my skin wouldn't dry out and I absolutely adore the smell of it! I got this in Boots for £7.99.

So I thought I would give the Simple facial products a go as well as Good Things aren't easily accessible around where I live. I tried the Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream and definitely fell in love with it. I apply this on nights I feel like my face is dry or when I feel like I need a bit of pampering after a shower. I don't like to use too many facial products all the time but this one is one of my favourites. I got this at Superdrug for £5.59.
This lipstick is from the make up collection of NYC. As you can tell by my blog I get a lot of my make up and nail polishes from this make up brand due to the fact that it's cheap but also have a good effect when I use them. I love this NYC Expert Last Lip in the colour Blue Rose #405 I thought it was a pretty colour and always wear it on nights out. It's a colour that's quite hard to explain but it's like a pink and a blue kind of colour, it sounds a bit strange, but I seriously love the colour and I've always got compliments for wearing it! I got this in Superdrug for £1.99.

 I've included this mascara in my December Favourites and here it is again in my August Favourties! I really love this NYC Big Bold Volume Mascara. I feel like it really does what it's meant to do. I've had mascara's that say they give you volume but I don't like the result of it, but this mascara has definitely satisfied me! And if it ever comes off the shelf then I really don't know what I am going to do! I got this mascara at Superdrug for £3.99.

I also enjoyed using the NYC Big Bold Extreme Black mascara as well as it was long lasting up to 24 hours! So this is really good for any long day events. I got this at Superdrug for £3.99.

 Last of all I want to share with you is the hair bow I have been wearing to work and other places. I think this bow is adorably pretty and I'm now starting a bow collection most probably (haha) but that means you can expect a post on how I wear these bows! I really like this pinky peach colour hair bow, I feel like it's a summery bow and look's really cute as it's not that big and fits perfectly above a pony tail. This came in a set of 3 so I can also wear these others. I got these in New Look for £3.99.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites this month! And I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of my summer inspired room area. I can't wait to make it Autumn theme again! Well done to me for actually posting all month and lets home I keep it up! I'm back at college next week so there'll be college related posts and other posts I'll be sharing with you. 

Can't wait to see you in my next post! 


28 August 2014

My Phone Case Collection

Hey Guys,

In today's post I would like to share with you something that I thought I would never have an obsession for and as you can tell from the title and more the fact the photo, I have a lot of phone cases! I currently have an iPhone 4s in White and I'll be sharing with you what phone cases I have and why I bought them and also what I like and dislike about them.

So lets start!

This is my most recent phone case I have purchased and currently using on my phone. I love the fact that it is Disney and even more that it's Snow White eating the Apple Logo. I thought it was pretty clever and just had to buy it! I've only had this case for a few days so I'm hoping that it won't scratch. I bought this on eBay for £3.25. This link is here as they have other characters as well which I thought was cute.

This phone case I bought from Card Factory for £1.99. I absolutely adored the pink stripes and roses. Its a smooth hard case and doesn't scratch easily which I thought was quite good. I love the fact that it made my phone feel like it didn't have a case on, some cases I've had make my phone feel much more heavier, but this one doesn't.

I got this case from Claire's Accessories for around about £12.00. A little bit pricey but I thought the leopard in the middle was too cute and it sparkles to! I use this mainly on nights out as I think it goes more better with those occasions rather than using it as a day to day phone case. It is a little annoying to put your phone down as the leopard makes the phone unstable (just not flat) so I resulted in sometimes putting my phone face down on surfaces. This wasn't a big issue for me but I do like my phone facing up.

I just couldn't help my self with this one! I love anything Disney, so having this Sulley Monster's Inc case was a big deal for me. I got this on eBay for £3.99. This case is one of my favourite cases due to the fact that it is Disney. I took the risk of buying my first silicone case with this as I use to have Blackberry silicone cases and I never liked them but I made an exception and bought this one! The shop on eBay where I got this one from also do other Disney Characters which I wanted to buy, so I'd definitely recommend them here

I got this case after purchasing the Sulley case due to the fact that it was a pastel pink silicone case, but the edges are plastic which I thought was a good. I liked the silicone volume buttons as it made the phone look cuter. (see photo below) I wasn't a fan of the lock button however as I found my self really pushing the lock button down hard to lock it but I'd still gladly use this case. I got mine on eBay for £3.29. They do more colours here 

This was my 'last minute phone case purchase before I got on holiday' phone case. I just felt I needed a cute summery phone case for my holiday and this had to be the one. I got this in Claire's Accessories for £8.00. I wouldn't say it's an issue because I have another phone case similar to this one, but where I did go on holiday I think the heat started to make the phone case peel a little bit, where as my other one hasn't done that as I haven't taken it to a place that's so hot. I think the bird's on this case make it extra pretty and I'll definitely use it again.

I think this was the first case I actually purchased for my phone. I got this phone case in Claire's Accessories for £8.00. I'm not someone who would fairly often shop in this shop but I do believe their phone cases are pretty good and worth the money. With this phone case I really loved the skulls and roses. I think the crosses are cute as well but I would have preferred them not to have gems as they do tend to fall off and I have in fact lost one!

I got this adorable galaxy phone case in Urban Outfitters. Sadly I can't remember the price and it's no longer on their website which is a bit upsetting! I think this case is so cute but the only thing I don't like about it is the fact that if you do leave your phone balancing on your leg when you are sitting down then your phone will definitely slide off your leg and onto the floor, which I found quite annoying but I can live with that.

Funny enough my friend new how obsessed I was with phone cases that she bought me two for Christmas! This is one of two. I don't exactly know where they are from but I'm sure you'll be able to find this on eBay. I liked the fact that it's white so it goes with my white phone, and I also liked that it had crystallize gems to make it sparkle. However where I've had it in my bag and pocket it's kind of stained my phone to a darker grey colour which I thought was a bit sad. I also sometimes have trouble getting my phone out of the case as it's quite a tight fitting case but at least I know that if I drop it the case is secure to my phone.

I got this case again in Claire's Accessories for £8.00. Being a guitar player, I just fell in love with this case. And it even sparkles! So that's love of guitars and love of sparkles all in one case! I used it a lot when I went to live gigs. Though I haven't so much used it lately.

This is phone case number two that my friend got me for Christmas. She knew about my phone case obsession as well as my obsession for cats. So she got me this case for Christmas. My friend knows me far to well. I absolutely adore this phone case because of the cats! And I think you can find this case on eBay.

So I kind of have this thing for a deer. And if you saw my Autumn Room post I included a photo of an Autumn scenery with deer's in it. I loved the fact that this deer is wearing glasses and a some kind of suit. It make's him look fashionable and really trendy. I found this case on eBay for £5.45. You can also see other animals like this here 

This is the other phone case similar to the one I bought for my holiday. I got his in Claire's Accessories also for £8.00. I like this case as it's got a lot of floral to it and I love how the colours go well together. I've used this case on many occasions and I don't plan to stop! I'll probably use it more in Spring time just to get me in the mood for Spring!

I wasn't going to share this one with you due to it's condition. When I first got my phone I never had a case ready for it so I had to use my sisters old case, which happened to be this one. It was fairly good as I like studded items. I wasn't happy about the studs coming off of it though, but it was old and I made a collection of new cases anyway (hahah) 

As for these three cases I left until last, they were the 'not so good' phone cases that unfortunately I won't be using again. I bought all three of them from New Look for £4.99. I thought I'd give them a try and see how they would be as I purchase a lot of things from New Look. I was disappointed to find that these cases peeled away quicker than anything, the worse being the black floral case. I wanted to take the Flamingo case on holiday with me but I didn't want to take a tacky looking phone case on holiday, I think it would have ruined more due to the heat, so I'm glad I didn't take it. I got more use out of the red flower one, which I'm happy with but still quite sad that I can't really use these cases anymore. 

And here they all are!

My posts have started to come together now as I've been more active. I've started scheduling when to post next so I definitely am more organized with posting now. I've got a lot of posts coming for you and a lot more nail art to come as well! I can't wait to share it all with you guys. 

I hope you all have a lovely day and I'll see you in my next post 

20 August 2014

Name Your Favourite...

Hey Guys,

So I thought I'd come away from the beauty posts and do this 'Name Your Favourite' post. I thought this was a good way for all of my readers to get to know me better and in general know all of my favourite things! There are exactly 55 questions I've chosen that were appropriate to answer so this should be quite interesting as I have a lot of favourite things so be prepared for a lot of favourites.

So here we go!

  1. Place
    I'd say my favourite place is Bluewater at the moment. It has a large variety of shops I love there like Forever 21 and it also has the Disney Store!

  2. Person
    My favourite person would have to be Tyler Oakley. His YouTube videos never fail to make me laugh.

  3. Color
    I'd have to go with pastel pink.

  4. Food
    Is this question even allowed? There's so much to choose from! I'll have to say pasta!

  5. Smell
    It's a smell I don't smell often which makes it even better because when I smell it I love it even more. The smell of freshly baked bread.

  6. Book
    This is quite a tough one but I'll have to say The Fault In Our Stars, followed by Looking For Alaska.

  7. Movie

  8. Music artist
    I listen to a lot of cover music on YouTube, so in this case I'm going to say Tiffany Alvord

  9. Genre of music
    I'll listen to pretty much anything, as long as there a good beat and the lyrics are beautifully written.

  10. Genre of literature
    I struggle on this one, I like a bit of everything!

  11. Magazine
    Fashion magazines mostly

  12. Texture
    You know those dressing gowns that are just unbelievably soft? That!

  13. Time of day
    Around 8pm

  14. Day of the week

  15. Tumblr
    This is a hard one because I've seen so many beautiful tumblrs!

  16. Thing to do when bored
    This could vary into anything from playing guitar, painting my nails in one colour or doing nail art and also planning other stuff for my blog.

  17. Celebrity
    I don't actually have one!

  18. Class in school
    I only do hairdressing at college. But I did like English.

  19. Website other than Tumblr
    I like to use Twitter. You can follow me here

  20. Drink
    I'm actually going to say Summer Fruits juice. It's just so tasteful

  21. Precious stone
    I don't have one of these

  22. Animal
    I was thinking this the other day, it's cross between a cat and a duck

  23. Flower
    Do hydrangea count as a flower? I was told it was a bush. But yeah hydrangea!

  24. Time in history
    I struggled with this question

  25. Font
    I like to keep it simple, readable but still be cute!

  26. Video game
    Cel Damage Overdrive

  27. TV show
    Chicago Fire, I'm currently watching Chicago P.D

  28. Play
    Romeo and Juliet is pretty cute

  29. Sound
    Acoustic Guitar

  30. Fruit
    My favourite fruit would have to be a watermelon! Especially in the summer

  31. Vegetable
    Cucumber, they're just so juicy

  32. Store/shop
    Definitely Forever 21! No matter what, if I go in there I will never fail to come out the shop with nothing brought. I always end up finding something.

  33. Article of clothing you own
    My Floral printed Joggers from Miss Selfridge which you can find here! They are so unbelievably comfy and by far my favourite piece of clothing I own.

  34. Fashion/style
    Cute, sometimes a little bit of grunge is added

  35. Pattern
    Pastel polka dots is always cute

  36. Workout
    I like to work on my abs a lot

  37. Quote
    'I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly...then all at once' 
    Yes it's from The Fault In Our Stars, but it literally was a breath taking quote, like it just touched me and it's beautiful.

  38. Boy’s name
    I've always been sorted on Joshuar

  39. Girl’s name
    Louella! But maybe Elsa

  40. Potato chip flavor
    I'm definitely a BBQ Beef person!

  41. Meal of the day
    A nice lunch somewhere

  42. Ice cream flavor
    I really love the Italian choclate ice cream. But sometimes I love vanilla or chocolate ice cream covered in hazel nuts!

  43. Soda
    Diet Coke

  44. Popcorn flavor
    I don't really eat popcorn for one reason being I don't like eating in a film where I'm munching and I can't hear what they are saying. Does anyone else think this? It just annoys me

  45. Season
    I love the Autumn, it's so colourful and beautiful and you get to wear snuggly jumpers

  46. Month of the year
    I do like October and November! Both being Autumn months as well!

  47. Word
    I don't think I've even had a favourite word before?

  48. Disney princess
    Rapunzel from Tangled. Such a clever film put together and made me giggle a lot!

  49. Letter
    L. I don't know, it's just the way you say it!

  50. YouTube channel
    There's quite a few but if I put them in categories of 
    Music: TiffanyAlvord 
    Beauty: Stilababe09 and Bubzbeauty
    Vlogger: Bubzvlogz and TylerOakley

  51. Eye color
    I love blue eyes especially when they are proper blue! Just look how beautiful they look!

  52. Memory
    My favourite memory was the day when I actually met Tiffany Alvord. A day that I thought would never possibly happen but one day it actually did. Dreams really do come true. Just believe them.

  53. Restaurant
    I do like eating at Byrons

  54. Thing to learn about
    I love to learn about new things whether its a new nail art design or a cute DIY for room decor! I'm always being creative

  55. Thing about yourself 
    Being creative with pretty much everything I do
I hope you enjoyed reading what a few of my favourite things are. I struggled with most of the questions, I thought it was going to be easy but as soon as I read the question my mind went completely blank of the subject! But I tried my best. If you give this a go then comment below, I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are! 

I'll see you in my next post! 

14 August 2014

Back to School Essentials

Hey Guys,

Yes, it's that time of year where everyone starts to wind down from the summer, everyone starts coming back from summer holidays they've been waiting all year to go on, while other people are enjoying their last lay in of the summer holidays, as yes, you've got it! BACK TO SCHOOL! well in my case back to college, which is still relatively the same thing.
So because everyone is going back to school soon I thought I'd do a post on 'Back to School Essentials' even though I study hairdressing at my local college, school supplies such as protractors and a calculator do not apply to me anymore. To be honest I miss it now, I use to love going shopping for stationary and preparing for the next school year to come. You do miss those times.

So these are some of the essentials I will be using this year for my Level 3 Hairdressing course. I went a little overboard of what I actually needed as which was '1 red folder, 1 any colour folder, notepad and pen' and that was it. It's mostly the hair kit you need rather than stationary. When I get the stuff I need for Level 3 I'll do a 'What's in my hair kit bag' post.

Keep reading to find out where you can purchase this cute little stapler and hole puncher from!

But moving on...

When I do any stationary shopping I always go to the same two shops. One being WhSmiths, which is where I get my plain colour folders from and also the main stationary from, like pens, glue and even folder deviders.
This year, however, WhSmiths surprised me with one of their deals. So basically I went into WhSmiths looking for a red folder, which I found for £2.44 when it used to be £3.49! I also found a Narrow Ruled Refill Pad that I also got which was £1.74 when it used to be £2.49! Then I got the folder deviders at a price of £2.59 when it used to be £2.99!  So already I thought I was getting a good deal here! So I proceed to the checkout. So you know the Sharpie permanent marker pens? I've always wanted to buy some! But a pack of just the red, black and blue are £4.99 which I think is a bit pricey. So I'm standing at the checkout waiting for my turn, when I notice a pack of 24 Sharpie pens on offer. 'Buy any WhSmith stationary and save £10 on Sharpie pens' ERM YES?! so from what should have cost £16.99 I actually ended up paying £6.99 for these Sharpie pens...for 24 Sharpie pens and  I thought it was a pretty good deal!

Orginal Price: £2.99
Price I Paid: £2.59
Price I Paid: Unknown :(

Original Price: £3.49
Price I Paid: £2.44
Original Price: £2.49
Price I Paid: £1.74

Price I Paid: £6.49
Original Price: £16.99
Price I Paid: £6.99
Price I Paid: £.4.79

Pack of 10. (I lost a few)
Price I paid: £4.99

So that's pretty much everything from WhSmith. 
Another shop I like to get stationary from is a cute little shop called Paperchase, everything about this shop is so cute! and in the last few years I've brought a couple of my pencil cases there! 
Last year I was using this cute butterfly pencil case and I will be using it again this year as well. It's just so cute and it's just what every girl needs to take to school! 
I used the other two pencil cases shown back when I was studying for my GCSE's. I thought the bow pencil case was really pretty and girly and the animal pencil case just look so cute! I couldn't help my self! 

However in Paperchase, it's not just the pencil cases that can be cute... It's also the pens! 
For every set brand they do a pens like these! And I kind of go mad and buy them! I have way more than this over the house somewhere but these are currently in my pencil case right now. There's the black one that I got around Christmas time and it has Christmas related things over it... I was getting into the Christmas spirit a bit too much. There is also a pastel purple pen that has little fairies on it. The next one is a turquoise colour and has panda's on it with a speech bubble saying 'Hi!' and the other pen has different types of animals on it with party hats and pirate hats on, a pretty random pen but I thought it was cute!  

I also got my 'Any colour' folder from Paperchase. I had a look round at the collections they had and found this pink swallow ring binder folder. It only cost me £3.00.

Price I paid: £3.00

I also got some coloured paper to help me with my studies, such as making flash cards or just in general being creative! This set of paper was £6.00
Price I Paid: £6.00

I also got my own scissors for school, I always liked to have my own. I also have a green pair as well as this blue pair and I got them both for £2.10.

Price I Paid: £2.10

Even though I'm not actually going back to school I did take a look at the Paperchase website and had a look at things to buy for school. 

They aren't doing these sort of pens as much as they used to but I thought this pink pen was pretty cute and I would definitely buy it. It's in the collection 'Lush Mush' for £1.50

Can't have a pen without a pencil case! This is £5.00.

I also found this Blue Satchel for £20.00

Can we just take a few moments to admire these staplers please?!

Price: £3.50

Price: £4.50

I mean look how adorably cute they are?! Since I found them on the Paperchase website, when I'm in my next nearest one I'm definitely going to purchase one of these! I'm definitely thinking the ladybug stapler! I sadly don't use a hole puncher as much as I thought! But they are so cute! 

Here are the links to the two shops I purchase any stationary from:

I hope you enjoyed this post. I think it may be my longest post and I'm thinking about doing videos to make things easier, but I'll keep on thinking that one through. 

I hope you are all well and I'll see you in my next post!
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