7 May 2014

Spring Inspired Nails for Beginners

I'm back with another post! Let's keep this up.
I decided to do another nail art post as it is the middle of spring and I thought why not come up with some sort of nail art. With this nail art I was inspired by a lot of flowery things, a lot of shops have been doing a fair amount of stuff that are just covered in daisies which I thought why not do my nails too!

You will need the following;

White nail polish
Green nail polish
Yellow nail polish
Orange nail polish
Green dotting tool

1.) Paint your nails Orange. I used Orange as my base colour but you can use any colour you like.


Using the dotting tool dot yellow dots on your nail. The amount of dots may differ due to length.

3.) I didn't manage to capture a photo but using the same dotting tool, with the white nail polish dot 5 more dots around the yellow dot creating the petals of the daisies.

4.) You are more than welcome to finish at step 3 but I added green leaves by using the smaller side of the dotting tool and gently dotting each side of the flower giving them two leaves.

As you can tell it's quite straight forward, but the main thing to do is to just keep practicing! Even I need to practice some more.
I'll try my best to come up with some more easy nail art and if you try this out then post a picture on instagram with #JessicaInspiredNails and follow me @JessicaRachelxo I'd love to see your creations!

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