1 May 2014

My Shower Routine

I'm back!

I do apologize for not posting for about 2 months, I got caught up in work and college and didn't have time to post anything. I really missed posting on my blog and as I was away for sometime I still got inspiration and I still would love to share everything with you all. As I was away I managed to sort out my camera so the photos will be good quality. 

So as a first post back I would like to share with you my shower routine and the products that I use whilst in the shower. 

Firstly the Shampoo and Conditioner I use is Alberto Balsam. The whole family use it so the scent varies, but my favourite is coconut! You can find these in all supermarket stores.
When I use the Shampoo, I tend to always shampoo once or twice depending on the condition of the hair. 
As for the conditioner I apply and then rinse off, though as being a hairdresser I would recommend deep conditioning treatments to anyone who has damaged hair. You don't have to go to the hairdressers to have this done as I just apply the conditioner to my hair clip it up and leave my hair for about 30 minutes. 

While waiting for the conditioning treatment to finish I continue on in my shower. I use The Body Shop's Satsuma Shower Gel. I usually get the small bottles that cost £4.00, but as I said in my Body Shop post about the Satsuma smelling really nice my mum actually bought the bigger bottle for everyone to use and I'm not too sure how much it cost! 

Once I have washed I then dry my self off and use the Good Things Deep Pore from Boots which was £4.99. I tend to use this a lot more when I take off my make up before I go to bed as it really cleans your face. 
Then I apply the Quick Fix facial mask for dry skin I found in Boots for £3.00. I wasn't intending to buy this product but at the time I was going through a stage where my face was really dry so I found this facial mask hoping it would help, and it did! I leave this facial mask on for about 10 minutes, so I'll either read a magazine or look through my phone, or simply just relax. 
After the 10 minutes I remove the facial mask well. I then in some cases unclip my hair and brush through the conditioner with a wide tooth comb before rinsing it out. You should take some time rinsing out as conditioner takes a while to rinse out the hair. I do a treatment like this every fortnight or longer depending on the condition of my hair, but it really helps. 

And that's it! 

I'm so glad I've found time to post again and I hope the time will stay so I can keep active! 
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