28 February 2014

February Favourites 2014

Hey guys, 

February has been quite a hectic month for me but I tried my hardest to fit in a my monthly favourites for February. As I haven't posted that much this month I plan to be more active in March if I can, that way you can see more nail art, hair tutorials, DIYs and also the Room Inspiration Spring Edition, in fact I have a lot planned for the months ahead! 

So this month's favourites are; 

*Pink Silk Scarf - This was a late Christmas present from my mum's friend who lives in Italy so I'm not entirely sure where it is from or how much, but ever since I've gotten it I can't stop wearing it! It's so light and silky and it really does compliment a look you are going for. I've been wearing this scarf to college and sometimes work and it makes you feel so elegant and pretty. 
*Pack of Earrings - I have trouble buying earrings all the time and its not the fact that I can't find the right ones its more the fact that my ears are too small for quite big earrings (as you can see in the two earrings I am wearing now from the pack) I just so happened to come across these earrings in New Look for £3.99 and they are a perfect size for me!   
*Grey and Grey and Black striped gloves - I got these gloves because, well, I needed a pair of gloves. I was going to go for the burgundy coloured gloves but I wasn't so fond of the burgundy and black striped gloves so I ended up getting the grey coloured set. My sister already has the grey and black striped gloves and I have also worn them before, so to have my own is even better! I got these gloves in New Look but sadly I can't remember the price.
*Pack of anklets - I suppose you could say that I've kind of already got into the Spring/Nearly Summer mood! I've always wanted an anklet and I thought these set of anklets from New Look were the cutest things ever! I've already worn the bow anklet and it look so cute with my outfit! And they were only £4.99
*Infinity anklet - I got this anklet way before the pack I got in New Look. I got this Infinity anklet in Claire's Accessories because I thought it look cute and I just never got round to wearing it. Then I bought the set of anklets and now I've combined this anklet with it so I can wear it more as well. Anklets make me excited for summer! 
*Necklace - I've been wearing this necklace a lot recently with every outfit I wear and I don't know what it is about it but I seriously have become attached to it! I got it in New Look at the start of February. It's is fairly similar to the one I wore on New Years. I got this for £11.99.
*Babylips Peach lipbalm - I know I said in a review that I didn't think they did a very good job unlike the NYC Applelicous lipbalm but I got to the point where all I could pull out of my bag was the babylips lipbalm and as I was in Superdrug I came across the Peach flavoured lipbalm and thought why not give it a try! I've used it quite a fair amount of times and I can honestly say that this lipbalm isn't as bad as I thought it would be, I just wish it would still last longer! I got this for £2.99
*Anchor Bracelet - I found this when I was shopping with my friends! I thought it was so cute. I got this in Forever 21 for £2.00

I hope you all had a wonderful February. I still apologize for not being as active as I should have been. 
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I'll see you in my next post,
                                        Jess xo


20 February 2014

DIY Nail Polish Heart Frame

Hello World!

Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I have been knuckling down for my theory test and I've just had the time to post on my blog now! I do apologize. I'm off college so I'm hoping to catch up with my blog and be more active with it. 
So anyway I came up with another photo frame DIY only this time I used nail polishes to create this...Yes that's right...Nail polishes! I am using the same photo frame as the one in my last DIY post. I felt like as it was February I'll do something for Valentines day but seeing as I have been busy and haven't had a lot of time to actually post it I came to conclusion that it doesn't matter if it isn't Valentines day, you can still make this and hang it on your wall. I found this very time consuming in a way but it was very easy to do. 

Let's start 

You will need the following; 

*A Photo frame of any kind
*Any sort of dotting tool. (I used ends of pencils)
*A heart stencil (Or any shape you want)
*Nail Polishes (In any colour you would like)

1.) To start off you find a decent shaped heart or any shape you would like to use, I found my heart shape on google images. Once you have chosen your shape, cut the shape out. (This will be your stencil) Once you have done that place the shape onto another bit of paper (you can use card if you want to) I found that the stencil didn't lie flat so I ended up putting my nail polishes on it whilst I was doing it to keep it flat but it made it a whole lot easier! 

2.) Using your dotting tools and the chosen colour nail polishes starting with the darkest colour gently dot around the stencil. Once you have gone round the stencil make sure you the dot the outline of the shape to give it better definition. You can continue this with the other colours you have chosen. 
I used 

3.) Once you have used all your colours and have outlined the stencil you can remove the stencil from the paper. You should be left with something that looks like this. As it is nail polish you do have to wait for it to dry which can take no longer than about 5 minutes. 

Once the nail polish has dried frame it in the frame you are using! It couldn't look any cuter! 

I hope you give this DIY a try! I've become more active on my instagram which is jessicarachelxo so follow me for more updates on what I'm doing! Also if you tried this please upload them to instagram with the hashtag #JessicarDIY I'd love to see how creative you are! 

Many thanks to you all
                                     Jess xo
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