20 January 2014

My Mascara Collection

Hey guys! 

Now I am back at college I haven't had much time to post things which is a bit annoying! But I shall try my best to post when I can. 
Today I thought I would show you my mascara collection. I can be fussy when it comes to mascara because I'm someone that likes the whole 'Bold Lashes' and 'Volume' type mascara's, but they actually have to make your eyes perfect and if I'm honest for many years I haven't settled on one mascara because to be fair they haven't impressed me enough but now I have found one and it really does do what it says on the product!

These are the current mascara's I have been using. Some have been used longer than others, as you can see I used the pink one a lot that the writing has actually come off the product! 

These products are; 
*NYC Big Bold Mascara Black from Superdrug for £2.49
*Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara Black from Superdrug for £4.99
*Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara Black from Superdrug for £4.99
*NYC Big Bold Volume Mascara Black from Superdrug for £2.49

I'll firstly talk about this mascara. I got an image from Google so you know what the mascara actually looks like seeing as mine has worn out. NYC make up collection seems to be a very quiet make up brand unlike Rimmel and Maybelline, and it being quite a inexpensive make up brand all their make up is pretty outstanding! I found the NYC Big Bold Mascara in black in Superdrug. I was so impressed with their nail polishes that I had to give other make up products of theirs a try, so I found this mascara. I was hooked to it for ages! I couldn't stop using it. NYC literally mean what they say when they write something on a product. Its so trust worthy! And it doesn't make your eyelashes clumpy, which is what I like to look out for most with mascara's.
I even came across the mascara in the Bliss Magazine February 2014 issue in the 'Nina Nesbitt' look. So for all you Nina Nesbitt fans or even if you like the 'Grunge but girly' look (I know I do) then I really would recommend using this mascara.

This Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara Black is the most recent mascara I have bought. I have bought many Scandaleyes mascara's before but where I discovered NYC's brand I gave Scandaleyes a rest. However with this one the name 'Retro' caught my eye. Retro is my number 1 favourite style along side vintage, whether it'll be fashion or decorations, just anything Retro I love. When I saw the advertisement on TV I was literally dying to buy this as the product it self looked eye catching and it has the modern retro design on it shall we say. The mascara isn't clumpy but I feel like you need to apply it more to get the volume you really want.
The brush is designed in a shape that starts off large and goes small towards the middle and then gradually gets a bit bigger. I found this easier to get nearer my inner corners of my eyes as the brush was quite small at that point.

Google images

I got the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara Black not too long ago either. Though I was fairly disappointed with this one. Now I don't know if I am the only one who does this but to me mascara's have to be wet when I apply them, I know that mascara's can dry out as well but I feel like this mascara was a bit too dry and thick at an early stage which made the application difficult and as it was quite a thick mascara it made clumps so this is why it lead me to buying another mascara in the progress. But I still occasionally use it if I want to quickly apply more mascara.

Google Images

I've saved the best till last! The NYC Big Bold Volume Mascara Black is my most favourite mascara I have ever used, you can totally see the difference when you apply the mascara.It really does give you a lot of volume which is what I like.
The brush is small with small bristles which don't leave clumps and works well to give the volume as sometimes I find that some mascara's have quite a thick brush and they tend to dry up quite easily and clump more where as small bristle brushes don't have that affect.
I definitely will be continuing to buy this mascara and will probably try out other products in the NYC make up range.
Google Images
Thanks for the support and I will try and post more in the next few weeks. Seeing as it's Valentines next month I might do a few post related to that and maybe even a Valentine's Nail Art Guide as I have already planned some nail art designs that I'm excited to share to you!

Many thanks,
                    Jess xo


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