30 January 2014

January Favourites 2014

Hey everyone! 

Its coming to the end of January, so that means I share with you my monthly favourites! Unlike last month I had more time to gather some things together which made it easier though once it came to the end of the month I then forgot what I bought at the start of the month (Haha). So here are my monthly favourites!  

NYC 443 Purple Crush

NYC 437 Modern Love 

Barry M 353 Ruby Glitter
Barry M 333 Multi Glitter


These are the products/accessories I have been using throughout the whole of January, some brand new and some I just decided to wear throughout the month. 

*NYC 443 Purple Crush Lipstick - that I featured in my second post back in December 2013 is from Superdrug for £1.99. I decided to bring this up again as I thought that seeing as it is winter dark cold colours are usually the colours people wear so I thought I would wear my Purple Crush Lipstick this month on the cold winter days. 

*NYC 437 Modern Love Lipstick - is a very elegant shade of pink, I found this good to use in the winter months as its compliments the look more and is fairly natural. I got this lipstick from Superdrug for £1.99

*Barry M 353 Ruby Glitter - I think is a fun type of glitter. I've seen a lot of people paint their nails black and some people use glitter to glam them up, well this glitter has black and pink glitter sequins in it which I find unique. I came across this nail polish in Superdrug for £2.99

*Barry M 333 Multi Glitter - I've been non stop wearing this nail polish all month! It's a black nail polish with small glitter bits in it and I've been wearing it out a lot. It's such a nice nail polish and I would recommend it to anyone who likes wearing black nail polish with glitter. It dries quickly and it also isn't a pain to get off as I think everyone knows the annoyance for trying to get glitter nail polish off. I came across this when I found the Ruby Glitter as they were next to each other, so it was also £2.99

*Fanta Lip Balm - This was one of my silly buys as you may call it. I was just purchasing some things when I saw lip balms just sitting by the till. If you haven't figured out already I think I have a slight obsession with lip balms. There were many flavours such as Coca Cola and Sprite but the Fanta one stood out to me more and I thought it would be a bit different to the fruit flavoured ones I've already got. The smell is lovely! I got this at Claire's Accessories for £3.50

*The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel - I mentioned this in The Body Shop Haul. I have been using this shower gel all month and the smell of mango is the most love warming smell. I got this shower gel when they were on offer at 4 for £10 but if you buy one its just £4 from The Body Shop

*Owl Earings - I got these owl earrings because not only did I need new ones anyway but they sparkled in the light a lot! And who doesn't like a little bit of sparkle?! I've been wearing them a lot and they are unbelievably cute, I got these from Claire's Accessories at £3.50

*Good Things Stop That Spot - I used a lot of the Good Things beauty product range, and when I say that I mean I have every single product that are in the shops. I just find their product range extremely good and this Stop That Spot treatment gel really works! I can actually feel its working which is even better. It gets rid of redness and almost makes the spot disappear! I wouldn't know what to do without it! I got this from Boots for around £5 

*Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask - I use this facial mask about once a week on a sunday evening. It makes your face feel smoother (a lot smoother) and brightens your face, making it look clear. It really does work and you only have to leave the clay mask on your face for 5 minutes or until the mask has dried and then remove it. I really do love the Good Things Product range because you can see that their products do make a difference and they also do what they say on the back of the product, so I would seriously recommend this to anyone. I got this also at Boots for £5.99

*Iphone 4/4s Phone Case - I have an obsession with buying phone cases! I always like a good floral patter that's not got too much floral but the colours on this phone case that made it look pretty! I was recently scrolling through Tumblr when I came across one of the photos of an elephant drawing and I was shocked to see that they had the same phone case which you can see here. I got this from Claire's Accessories for £8.00 

For film of the month I have chosen Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters as I really enjoyed the first film! I got the DVD at Sainsburys for about £7. It definitely is a must watch! 

For music this month I have been non stop listening to Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. The song is so catchy and I've been going to bed every night singing it in my head and then waking up in the morning still singing it in my head, that's how catchy the song is but I think this so is really cute as well! 

I hope you have all enjoyed the first month of 2014! It's been a long busy month for me. I also hope you enjoyed my post and if you try any of these products be sure to comment what you thought about them! 
Many thanks,
                    Jess xo



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