25 December 2013

What I Got for Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas is finally here! 

I hope you are all enjoying your day and I hope you got what you wanted! Christmas is my favourite time of the year and in this post I would like to share with you what I got for Christmas! Though I can't say where they are from but I'm sure they aren't hard to find in shops! I can't wait to do reviews on some of the products or even just tell you about them! 

The first thing on Christmas morning I always open my stocking presents! This is where I normally get all the little beauty products of some sort. This year I got the Salon At Home Shampoo and Conditioner Curl definer as I have natural curly hair, so this is ideal for me. I also got the Salon At Home Smooth Wave Taming spray to go with the set. I then also got the Soap and Glory Hand Gel, which I love as I always like to carry a hand gel in my bag where ever I go! I also got the Soap and Glory 'Mist you madly' flirty floral fragrant. I usually use this spray when ever I go to college and it gives a nice smelling fragrance which people have complimented me for, so that's always a bonus!

Stocking Presents 

Salon At Home Shampoo and Conditioner
Soap and Glory Hand Gel and Spray

Salon At Home Smooth Waves Taming spray

After I have opened my stocking presents we all head down stairs as a family gathering all the presents together into piles and then we start handing them out. Once the family presents are done we then open the presents from Santa (Haha) This is the more exciting part of Christmas because you receive so many great gifts.

Christmas Tree Presents

Disney's Finding Nemo 'Squirt' mug
I'd just like to grab all of your attention to this mug! It's the cutest mug I have ever seen and it being Squirt from Disney's Finding Nemo just makes it even cuter! I can't wait to have make Nutella hot chocolate in it.

So Snug Socks

 The one thing I love getting at Christmas is socks! Now I know that sounds a bit lame but when it comes to winter I just love wearing them around the house or with my boots. They always keep my feet nice and snug! And Christmas pattern socks always look the best.
3 pairs of socks

Nail Art Kit
 My next gift is kind of like a nail art kit filled with nail brushes, glitter, glitter confetti and many more bits and pieces! It also came with a little 3D mold of the alphabet which I can't wait to try out. I can't wait to start doing nail art designs with this cute handy set!

Nutella and Nutella 30 best Recipes

If there is one thing you had to know about me it would be the love i have for Nutella! If I could eat it every hour of the day I actually would (Haha) My sister got me a Nutella '30 best recipes' with a really big jar of Nutella. I was so amazed when I opened this present and I seriously can not wait to make some of the 30 recipes in the little book shaped like a Nutella jar! If it is successful I might even share it on my blog!

 I was in need of new hair straighteners and to receive the GHD IV was completely beyond me!
I straighten my hair a fair bit as sometimes I prefer my hair to be straight rather than curly.

Benefit Make Up
If anything this present was definitely unexpected! I'm not someone who would usually get Benefit Make Up so this was a shock to me. This little set came with 'The Pore Fessional' which helps minimize the appearance of pores. It also came with 'They're Real' mascara and 'Hoola' powder and not forgetting the 'It's Potent' eye cream. The packaging to this was phenomenal and I still can't believe I got this!

This is what was inside!

Benefit Make Up Set

My sister got me another beautiful present. Everyone in my family knew I pretty much needed a new purse and my sister got me this one! It's in a shade of a really nice blue and it has a gold wasp broach on the button where you open and close the purse. Inside it is white with purple floral's everywhere, it's a really pretty purse and it's so ideal for me! 

Fox Jumper

Penguin Jumper

 I love anything clothes related and lately I've had an obsession with buying jumpers that have animals on it. My sister got me the Penguin jumper where as Santa got me the Fox jumper which I am currently wearing now and it's so warm and cozy!  I may have to blog all my animal jumpers soon! 

Soap and Glory Brow Pencil
 I also got a Soap and Glory brow pencil. Though I don't often fill in my eyebrows but I will give this pencil a go and see how successful I am with it. I normally use a dark brown eye shadow as it's easier.

Disney Pjs

Disney Mickey and Friends Pjs

 At Christmas I love wearing Christmas pjs! I won't wear them at anytime else just on Christmas Eve night until about the 27th! I got these cute Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Pjs and they are so cute and snuggly! But seeing as they are so cute I may have to wear them through January as well! (Haha)

Forever 21 T-shirt

My sister again got me a lovely present! This actually came in a Forever 21 gift box. The reason why I love and laugh at it so much is because I am in fact the shortest person in my friend group! It's like it was made for me and I love it so much!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, take care and I hope you stay tuned for more
Many thanks and Merry Christmas,
                                                     Jess xo

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