16 December 2013

Santa Hat Inspired Nails

Hello everyone! 

I decided to paint my nails again! As Christmas is in 9 days! (AHH!) I thought I would paint my nails in a design inspired by a Santa Hat. I've seen many people do this design before but Cutepolish (a Youtuber who does nail art) design was by far the best so I got the inspiration from there. 

This is how my nails turned out. It looks really cute with the Christmas present I am holding. It's so Christmassy and so easy to do!

I found two easy ways on how to create this design which I will show you. If you don't have any of the tools that I have, don't worry, I have a solution for that problem!

And remember... Never give up!




Dotting Tool

Bobby Pin

* Use the Bobby Pin if you do not own a Dotting Tool.
* If you find it hard drawing with a Dotting Tool or Bobby Pin then use the tape as your guide. 

Let's Start!

You can use a base coat if you like!

1.) If you are using tape, you want to take two small bits of tape. Place one bit of tape diagonally over the side of your nail and then do the same to the other side. You should create a triangle doing this. However if you are not using tape but are using a Dotting tool or Bobby pin then you want to draw two lines with the red nail polish and draw the lines of a triangle. 
Then once you have got your triangle whether its tape or drawn, colour it in red.

Dotting Tool


2.) The next step once the triangle has dried, with either a Dotting Tool or Bobby pin (I used my Blue Dotting Tool) using the White nail polish, dot the fluffy parts of Santa's hat! You can go wild with this step making the Santa hat more fluffy if you like! And of course you can add glitter if you want! 

3.) And apply a top coat!

Finish design

Yes! In just 3 simple steps this nail art was created in! It is fairly easy for beginners to. It took me about 10 minutes to do. I will try to come up with more easy Christmassy nail designs for you to try, and if you have a design in mind but can't do it, let me know and I'll break it down in steps that can be easily done and you'll be able to do it in no time! 

Remember if you give these nails a try, please post a photo on instagram with the hashtag #jessinspirednails I'd love to see all your creations! 

Much love
               Jess xo

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