5 December 2013

Room Inspiration - Fall into Winter

Fall into Winter with me! get it? ;)

Okay, so recently I got my room decorated and I've been so obsessed with making sure every matches! It's a colour scheme of grey, white, pink and green. It sounds a little odd probably thinking about it (admittedly I wasn't too sure either) but it turned out alright! 

The thing I love most about my bedroom is my new dresser! Its completely white with four draws, and it came with a glass top to keep everything you put on top in place. To me it felt quite boring and plain, as it needed a bit of colour added to it. I needed to spice things up! 

Fall Inspiration 

I'm really excited to share this with you as I think this is a fun and easy way to spice up your room making it look cute! I got the idea this autumn, I was thinking about what to do to my room and I was just staring out of my window at the trees, the one thing I love about Autumn is the colours! So I thought why not do a seasonal decorative area! 
The first thing that I started with was the photo frame that I got it in Ikea for less than £1. This photo frame was really bugging me because when I first got it I never had anything to put in it so I thought it would be a good idea to put a seasonal scenery photo in place. After that I then found different types of Autumn leaves off the internet and with a lot of time and patience I cut them out. All I had to do was lift the glass top up and lay the leaves where ever I wanted them to go and place the glass top back down. I know it's quite basic, but as soon as I had completed it it was a week until December, but I had a lot in mind for that!

Autumn Dresser

Winter Inspiration 

So for my Winter dresser I, of course, decorated it all in time for Christmas! I still have things to add, as once Christmas has gone the tree will  be removed so I'm working on what to put into its place! 
I changed my seasonal photo to a lovely winter scenery, it really gives you the feel of winter and just in general looks really pretty. 
I got my Christmas tree in Tesco for only £1 and this was followed by the pink and purple bauble baubles which were only £1.50 for 24 bauble baubles also in Tesco! I used about 11 of them so I'm going to come up with a Christmas DIY later on I think. But that's £2.50 spent on Christmas! 
My little two bird calendar next to my tree is probably one of the most cutest things I have ever bought! And it's perfect for me. Every year I buy a calendar, you know like the One Direction all year round calendars, but I seem to always fail to keep them up on my wall or I'll just never both changing the month! But I found this little calendar in New Look for £5.99. It's so fun changing the date every day, so much more fun than a all year round calendar! 
For the snowflakes I did exactly what I did with the leaves for my Autumn dresser, however cutting out snowflakes may take a bit longer and a lot more patience, and if you're someone like me that puts all the hard efforts in to see the end result, you shall be very pleased with yourself. 

Winter Dresser

 See you next time,
                                Jess xo


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