3 December 2013

NYC Purple Crush Lipstick Review

Hello lovelies!

This is probably the first real review I have done on my blog, so bear with me on this one, okay? 
So, I'm the sort of girl who really loves Christmas! And every year I have struggled to find the perfect lip colour, due to the fact that I am quite pale some colours aren't suited for me, however I came across the 'NYC Purple Crush 443' lipstick from Superdrug, and would you believe that it's only £1.99! And that's handy if you are a student on a budget! So Its pretty much all you could have asked for! I always try and go for the pale colours as I find it cute and elegant and this purple shade is just the right shade so it gives a more cuter look! Although this lipstick has done a brilliant job, it last for a reasonable time, though its always best to keep it on you just in case you have to reapply! 

Until next time, 
                        Jess xo


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