31 December 2013

December Favourites 2013

Happy nearly New Year! 

As it is coming to the end of the month more so the year as well, I thought I would share with you my 'favourites' for this month! Although I did start my blog in September 2013 and I only started getting into it this December 2013, I didn't get a chance to actually go full out on this, but I have chosen my favourite products that I have been using this month and other accessories which I have been using! I have also chosen my favourite songs and films of this month as well! So hopefully you can enjoy these as much as I have! 


* NYC Expect Last Lip Color 411 Snowcone from Superdrug only £1.99
* Seventeen Stay time foundation from Boots only £6.49
* NYC Big Bold Volume Lash mascara from Superdrug only £3.99
* Got2b Beach Matt mermaid look salt spray from Sainsburys only £4.00
* Charlie Enchant Body Spray from Superdrug only £0.99
* AquaV Hand Sanitizing Gel
from Aldi only £0.49
* Galaxy Iphone 4/4s Phone Case from Urban Outfitters only £12.00
* Block Calendar
from New Look only £5.99
(I drew over the orange writing with a black marker as I thought it was difficult to read)
* NYC Full 002 Mental Jacket Gold from Superdrug only £1.79

My favourite film this month is Disney Frozen! I had so much fun seeing it. It is a very popular film and everyone seems to want a plush toy of Olaf or Sven so it must be really good! 


For music this month I have been listening to one of my music producer from Ireland on YouTube called Orla Gartland. She isn't well known yet but she writes phenomenal songs that are so breath taking! Her latest E.P which she has released is called Roots, it is an E.P of 4 songs such as Roots, Human, Clueless and The Empty Man. Personally all of them are actually my favourite but The Empty Man is absolutely beautiful! I hope she becomes well known with the music she writes, she leaves me speechless sometimes.

Orla Gartland Roots E.P

Enjoy your New Years day and I shall update you shortly! 
       Jess xo


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