23 December 2013

Christmas Tree and Santa Inspired Nails

Hello guys!

Christmas is only 2 days away! And I've came up with yet another Christmas nail art design! I've been feeling really festive and I just wanted to show it off on my nails. I went with a Christmas Tree design with Santa's coat on my ring finger, but you can do what ever you like with this design. You could paint your nails all with Christmas Tree's or all with Santa's. It's completely up to you! 

I think this design looks so cute and Christmassy and it would look even cuter when you are handing out presents to your love ones and they will think how lovely and festive your nails are! 

I had so much fun with this design and it didn't take me that long to do and I wanted to share this design with you. I'm not someone who uses professional tools, but I will find ways for people without tools to successfully create this design.


Multi Glitter
Red Glitter


Dotting Tool

Let's Start!

Christmas Tree

* Remove any nail polish you already have on your nails. You can file your nails if you want to, don't worry if you don't file your nails or don't own a nail file, it won't ruin the design! 

1.) So firstly you want to start by painting all your nails red and let them dry.
* Don't worry if you get nail polish on your skin, this can always be wiped off with nail polish remover at the end.

2.) For this step I went free hand and just eyed it all but if that's too difficult for you then draw a triangle like the one I did in the Santa Hat nail art only this time use the green nail polish! Once you have your triangle colour them all in. 

Santa Hat triangle 

3.) Thirdly you want to put the star on top of the tree! You can draw a star if you are confident with drawing it! I just used a green dotting tool and dotted on my stars. If you don't have a dotting tool then a hair grip is always useful for this step. 
* If you don't have a gold nail polish yellow works too!

4.) You can do this step in many different ways depending on how you want your tree to look. I used multi glitter for my decorations, giving it a colourful festive sparkle. You can use any type of glitter nail polish if you don't want to use multi glitter. However if you don't want to use glitter you can easily use a dotting tool or hair grip and dot on small decorations in any colour you like, you can even add tinsel! Go wild! 

Santa Coat

* This is optional


5.) Paint your ring finger with a glitter nail polish, mine happened to be a red glitter nail polish but any glitter polish will work, but personally I think red or silver glitter looks better. 
I already painted my nail with the glitter when I begun the first step to save time, but take time if you need to.
So using the black nail polish you want to create Santa's belt. Draw a line with a dotting tool or hair grip (you can use nail brushes if you have them, I find it easier with a dotting tool than my brush set)

* If you are finding this difficult then keep the tool you are using still in the position you want it and just turn your finger, it will create a neat line. Or you can draw the line free hand. 

6.) The last step is adding the buckle of the belt. Using the gold dip your tool into the nail polish and draw a neat square over the black line. 
* You can dot 4 dots and join them up, or you can just draw a square if you don't find it difficult. 

Once you have done that and everything has dried apply a top coat and you've finished your festive nail look! 

I hope you give this a try. If you do please post a photo on instagram with the hashtag #jessinspirednails I'd love to see all your creations! 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I shall talk to you all in my next post.
Many thanks, 
                    Jess xo


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