6 December 2013

Christmas Lights Inspired Nails

Hello world, 
Today me and my family were putting up the decorations together, when I got inspired to do a Christmas nail art design! I know nail art can be quite tricky sometimes but I made it easy for you do to if you are a beginner so I shall teach you how I did them.

Final Piece
^ This is how my nails turned out! I don't often do nail art so my nails won't always be as good as people who can actually do nail art, but I will always try, it may take time and you may make a few mistakes, but keep trying. 

So firstly you will need the following; 

Nail Polishes


Gold Glitter


Dotting Tool

Hair Grip 

The hair grip is an optional part depending if you have a dotting tool at home. If you don't have a dotting tool then a hair grip will also do the same job! 

So all together you should have this 

Now you have everything you need, its time to start painting!

Let's Start

1.) Start by painting your nails white and wait for them to dry! 

* It doesn't matter if you get any polish on your fingers, you can easily get an cotton swab and dip that in nail polish remover and clean it off like that. It's only the first step so it doesn't matter if it is messy! 

 2.) With the dotting tool or hair grip, dip it into the gold nail polish. The gold is basically the wiring of the lights, so you want to put it at an angle. (See how I've done it in the photo below) Or you can go in what ever way you want and wait for it to dry.

 *  I used my pink dotting tool, but if you don't own one this is where your hair grip comes in. 

 3.)  Now you are ready for the lights! I used the same pink dotting tool to do mine, so you can use the same hair grip to! It doesn't matter what colour you start with or what order you go in, I chose to go in a green and red sequence to make it more Christmassy! 
So after choosing the first colour you like, dip the tool in the polish (make sure you don't have a lot of paint on it as this could become a problem) and literally dot the colour in place on your nail. As you keep going you will begin to see the nail art come together! 


4.) This part is an optional part, you can paint your ring finger with lights on it, but during the process of painting I decided I wanted to paint my ring finger gold with gold glitter! If you are struggling you can always switch this step the other way round so you paint all your nails gold and glittery and have your ring fingers with the lights. Give it a go and don't give up! 

If you try this design I would love to see them! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #jessinspirednails I might even follow you! 

Much love,
                  Jess xo


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