13 August 2017

Trying BH Cosmetics 88 Coloured Eyeshadow Palettes!?

I love trying new makeup! I've been trying to find the perfect bright coloured eyeshadow palette with a wide variety of shades for quite some time now and BH Cosmetics seemed to pleased me. I mean just look at all those colourful shades!

My video includes a full review and first impressions of both the 88 coloured eyeshadow palettes in Matte and Shimmer. I also share my first time buying from BeautyBay experience!
You can watch my video here...

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4 August 2017

Back to School GIVEAWAY 2017!!

There's a GIVEAWAY on my YouTube channel!! You could win all these back to school items
Watch my video to find out how you can win!

21 July 2017

Full Face of Makeup Using One Brush?!

This weeks video I decided to film my first ever makeup challenge! If I'm honest I found it pretty hilarious, so if you have any other challenges you'd like me to film then please let me know!

I used the Makeup Revolution Limited Edition brush to do my whole face and quite crazily it all went okay! I'm pretty impressed with that!

You can watch my video here

3 July 2017

Primark Haul

I love to film a good ol' Primark Haul! I don't know what it is about them but they are just so fun to do!
This haul is 2 months over due, due to being busy with my new job and not having time to film but I finally managed to squeeze it in!

You can watch my video here

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25 June 2017

Life Update

Hello Strangers!

I decided to write a blog post updating you on my current life updates. I haven't written a blog post for quite sometime now as YouTube has taken over everything. Anyway, if you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you'll know that I post every Sunday. Recently I mentioned in two videos that things may be changing. For this, I'd like to tell you... I GOT A NEW JOB! It's absolutely crazy. I've gotten my DREAM JOB 🎉 I've gone from being part time in a supermarket to being full time in my dream job! So at the moment I'm not sure how blogging and YouTube schedules are looking but if you follow my Twitter you'll definitely be the first to know about anything! I just wanted to let you all know why I may be quiet for a bit but once everything is sorted I'll be back to scheduling as per...

So what is my job?
I'm providing content for social media for 5 popular makeup brands. Not 1...5! I've just finished my first week and if I'm honest...it's INSANE. A good insane... An unbelievable feeling... Is this real life?
My feelings are basically through the roof. I can't believe how lucky I am right now.
I hope you understand the reasons why my content might not be as frequent but I shall try my hardest to keep everything updated.

24 June 2017

Trying Tanya Burr Neutral Ambience Collection

Oh look...Another 'Trying Makeup' video 😂. I couldn't help myself with the fact that Tanya Burr released the most beautiful range, so I had to try them!

You can watch my video here

You can shop the whole range here

Trying Soap and Glory Makeup

Recently I've been experimenting a lot with different makeup brands. I've done a lot of first impressions video for these brands. This time I decided to try a brand that I haven't tried before called Soap and Glory. They have a wide range of makeup and skin care products so I wanted to do a first impression video for you.

You can watch my video here

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4 June 2017

Trying Nip+Fab Makeup Products

I wanted to try the Nip+Fab makeup range as it's becoming quite popular in Superdrug. Although due to the price, I didn't quite make a full face of their products but a majority of this makeup look is Nip+Fab.

You can watch my video here

Products used:


Pink Lemonade

2 June 2017

Prom Makeup Look

It's prom season!
Here is my easy and affordable drugstore prom makeup look!

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Trying Different Makeup Sponges?!

For some reason I've been really wanting to get back into makeup sponges and I'm not even sure why?! I came across a set in T K Maxx with all different shapes and size sponges of which a few I've never seen before. I got so excited I wanted to film a video on them!

You can watch my video here

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10 May 2017

New Look Haul

I know how much everyone loves a Primark clothing haul, but I thought this time round I'd show you what I got in New Look. Recently, New Look have amazing trends and great homeware accessories for the Summer and it makes me really excited when I got in there so I thought I'd give you an insight of a few things!

You can watch my video here


Recreating My First Video

I seriously can't believe it's been a year since I uploaded my first YouTube video! A YEAR?! Wow! Time certainly does fly and I've loved every minute of it. Most importantly I love your support ❤️

As a lil' celebration I decided to recreate my first YouTube video... haha...
You can watch it here


2 May 2017

Primark Haul!

The one thing I've learned about YouTube is... Everyone LOVES a Primark Haul! I enjoy watching them and I enjoy creating them for you guys as well. I struggled this month as I'm not really a mid season fashion shopper. It's so hard?!

Watch my haul here...

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Makeup Haul

The lack of attention I give my blog is scaring me. You can now find me on my YouTube channel where I post every Sunday!

Here's my Makeup Haul

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16 April 2017

1 Palette 4 Makeup Looks

I've been on YouTube for almost a year now and I've already come up with my own series! Didn't even think I'd get this far in with YouTube so I'm so proud of myself!

My YouTube series is called 1 Palette 4 Makeup Looks. This means I choose any eyeshadow palette and create 4 makeup looks with this palette. I had a hard time choosing my first palette but the popular MUA Burning Embers was a fantastic start.
The looks vary from everyday to evening glam. You can create so many makeup looks using this palette but these are some of my favourites in my video.

You can watch my video here

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5 April 2017

GRWM - Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday Party!

As you know from my last post, I attended the Makeup Revolution 3rd birthday party. I had an amazing time vlogging the day and event and just spending time in London with my best friend!
So, I decided to film a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) type video on the makeup look that I had for the event. I just thought it would be fun to film.

You can watch the video here

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27 March 2017

Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday Party!


I was invited to another one of their parties! Honestly, they never fail to host a party. They're always fantastic. This time I decided to vlog the day, so not my usual type of video that I'd upload to my channel but I hope you enjoy this style video. I also feature the goody bag at the end which included some amazing products so be sure to watch until the end to find out what I got in that.
This was also a fun day because I got the opportunity to do my best friend Lily's makeup! She looked AMAZING! She never really wears a lot of makeup so this was a big step for her! I posted photos below of her makeup look.

You can watch my vlog here... I MET SOPHDOESNAILS AGAIN 😁

I had an amazing time at the event. Here are a few photos (more to come)

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Makeup Look

Just before the live action film Beaut and the Beast was released I filmed a makeup inspired look for Belle. Her natural beauty really inspired me to create this subtle yet beautiful look. I felt like a princess!

You can watch my video here

First Impressions - Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks

I'm going to apologise for the lack of blog posts! Whilst blogging takes a back seat I'm finally enjoying the YouTube life and I've finally set my heart on it. YouTube has always been a thought for me for many many years and now I've done it I just can't stop!

As you can tell from the title, I tried the a few of the lipsticks from the Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick range. Makeup Revolution kindly sent them to me so I was really excited to show you what they were like!

Here's my video to find out more!

8 March 2017

Trying MORE Lottie London Makeup!

I cannot stress enough on how much I LOVE Lottie London's makeup products! In my first video I didn't get a chance to try a few of their products but for this video I managed to pick up a few more products and I finally created a full face makeup look using just their products!

I used The Smokes eyeshadow palette to create this plum smokey eye makeup look and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

You can watch my video here

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